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2 Week Free Trial for Group Fitness

Camp Pro Fit

Indoor workouts take place inside a gym environment to utilize all the equipment gyms have to offer.

Crossfit Exercise
Group Workout

Camp Pro Fit

Outdoor workouts can be held anywhere outdoors and require a set of dumbbells or exercise tubing and a mat. Each coach also has their own equipment which will vary (battle ropes, tires, sandbags, kettlebells, etc...)

Pro Fit Challenges

We have different challenges set throughout the year. Pro Fit HQ sets the larger Pro Fit wide challenges however challenges can also vary by location. Challenges are announced internally once you become a part of our program.

Intense Training

Schedule & Guidelines

This set programming schedule is designed to give your muscles rest days. You can join anytime during the cycle. Each day is a new workout. Exercises can be altered to suit any fitness level. If you're advanced, we can increase the intensity and if you're a beginner, exercises can be modified. If you don't know anything about exercise or weight lifting, we'll teach you. Classes are unlimited so you may attend as many as you like. 


Class Rules: 

  • Arrive 5 minutes before class time.

  • Book Your Class - For indoor locations we have limits for each class. To ensure we have space you MUST book your spot in class using the app. Most outdoor workouts don't have a class limit for participants. 

  • During class be positive and encouraging to others.

  • Give "your" 100% very best each class. Everyone's 100% will be different. 

  • Sanitize and put away all equipment when finished unless the coach specifies to keep it out for the next class.

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