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Choose your pricing plan

  • Pro Fit Coach

    Every month
    • Manage & Interact With Clients
    • Online Coaching
    • Workout Exchange
    • Host Done-For-You Fitness Challenges
    • Mobile Apps
    • Write Workouts
    • Add Custom Exercises
    • Daily Done-For-You Social Media Posts
    • Coach Referral Commission
  • Pro Fit Studio

    Every month
    Perfect for committed trainers
    • Everything Included With Pro Fit Coach 
    • Custom Branded Site
    • Invoicing
    • Scheduling For Classes And Training
    • Point Of Sale For Selling Products
    • Have Your Own Coaches And Employees
    • Control Your Own Pricing, Financials and Business
    • Customized Memberships And Services
    • Check In's and Credit System
    • Manage Tasks
    • In-App Marketing
    • (Initial Set Up Fee Required)
  • Are you spending too much time writing workouts and workouts programs for your clients?
    Need a workout? Have a workout that you'd like to share? With our workout exchange coaches can share workouts and workouts programs in the database to be used by all coaches. This will save lots of time when writing workouts for clients. Find a workout you need and assign it to your client. If there's a workout close to what you need, you can edit or tweak any of the workouts in the database. How cool is that?!
  • Do you spend too much time searching the internet each day to find good informational things to post on social media?
    Don't fret, we've got that covered for you! Our program includes 2-3 social media posts per day: an article, a recipe, a pic, a workout or nutrition tip, and/or something motivational to keep clients going. Each month you'll have everything you need to update your social media accounts several times daily. With FaceBook, you can schedule your posts all ahead of time so its all done automatically. For all other social media accounts, just copy, paste and post.
  • Are your clients struggling to keep motivated?
    With the fitness community profiles in our training platform you and other clients can all keep each other motivated. You also have the capability to email all your clients with daily motivational tips as well as post to their profile pages, all through our platform.
  • Are your clients able to interact with each other and help keep each other motivated thru their fitness journies?
    Each client gets their own community profile page. Its very similar to FaceBook but just for fitness. Clients can follow each other, comment on each others pages, like posts, keep track of calories burned, minutes of exercise completed, miles traveled if doing outdoor cardio, and fitness points earned. Guess what Coaches? You get a profile page too to keep track of your stats! Clients can challenge clients to do basic fitness challenges as well as Coaches. You can also assign a challenge to your clients.
  • Are your clients tracking their meals to insure success?
    With our nutrition app your clients can keep track of everything they eat for each meal. Our app keeps track of calories, carbs, fats, protein as well as nutrients. You'll be able to see at a glance if you're not getting enough calcium, vitamin c, etc...
  • Do you have clients that say they keep forgetting to stop and eat?
    Yes we've heard this many times with clients. With our nutrition app your clients can set an alarm for each meal. They can set an alarm for every meal or select ones they tend to forget to eat.
  • Are you able to see what your clients are eating day to day?
    Check in on your clients logged meals whenever you like. No more handing out sheets for them to write down what they eat. Having them log each meal ensures you'll be able to keep track of their nutrition to keep them on track with their goals.
  • Do your personal training clients know what exercises to do when they're not training with you? or when they're traveling?
    Each personal training client you have gets an online account as well. They'll be able to use the nutrition app, have an online community profile, see how many sessions they have left as well as be able to complete workouts when out of town or in between their sessions with you. They can do what workouts you want them to; ones you assign(maybe you can charge an extra fee for this) or have them select a workout from the free club workouts.
  • Can your clients book sessions or classes online?
    Yes they can. As long as they have sessions left on their account, they can use them. (Pro Fit Studio. We are also in the process of integrating with MindBody software.)
  • Do you have clients that constantly reschedule or cancel on you last minute and expect to just have those sessions saved when you could have filled the slot with another client?
    With online booking your clients can reschedule themselves in their account. Within so many hours of the actual session time, they will not be able to cancel or reschedule it and that session will be lost. Setting boundaries like this makes your time more valuable and the client respect your time. (Pro Fit Studio)
  • Are you bogged down trying to keep up with all of your clients files, sessions left, progress and more? "
    Keep track of all your files in one place, on our fitness platform. Assessments, measurements, contact info, workouts, how many sessions are left, and any files you may have can all be kept all in their accounts. Have older files you'd like to keep, transformation pictures, etc...? Load them in the "files" or "notes" tabs in their account and have them at your fingertips when needed.
  • Do you have a website?
    If not, don't worry! Your webpage can act as your website. All you'll need is a domain name and it can be linked directly to your webpage. If you already do have a site we can use it on your webpage. When people go to your webpage, they'll see your exsisting website. (Pro Fit Coach and Pro Fit Studio)
  • Do you have fitness and nutrition apps for your clients to use?
    If not, you will when you become a Pro Fit Coach. The PFCS fitness and nutrition apps are for you and all of your clients. Clients can schedule sessions or classes with you, log meals, do their workouts, post on their community page, and so much more. As a Coach, you can log into your app and check on your schedule, log in clients as present when they attend their session, workout, log meals, post on your community page, and much much more. Want a custom branded app with your logo and company name? (Some features are Pro Fit Studio only)
  • Do you wish you were part of something bigger yet keep your own company name, pricing and schedule?"
    Now you can with Pro Fit Coaching Systems! We're forming a Coaching Alliance for all Coaches and Trainers and we'd love for you to join us in pursuing our passion of helping as many people in the world as we can get as fit and healthy as possible!
  • Do you advertise to get new clients?
    We will! Pro Fit Coaching Systems will be advertising for YOU! We begin our social media campaigning in June 2016. Then beginning in August 2016, PFCS will be advertising in thousands of print mail adverts monthly, called the "Health News" through our sister company, Green Tree Advertising. PFCS will be getting the word out about our coaches and we're going big!
  • Do you wish that some things were just done for you?
    Pro Fit Coaching Systems is here to help!
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