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The 4 week Summer Slim down includes:  - Unlimited Camp Pro Fit classes - Unlimited On Demand classes - Unlimited Kickboxing classes - 24/7 Gym Access - Meal Plans with food logs - Nutrition Coaching - Before and After Assessments - Support and Accountability ​PROGRAM DETAILS Camp Pro Fit is a crossing training fitness camp that combines Boot Camp, Strength Training, Kickboxing, and more! Exercises can be modified or intensified making it suitable for all fitness levels, ages as well as goals.    Each class has circuits of cardio and strength training with new workouts each day. The amount of weight lifted and the intensity used will depend on each individuals goals and fitness level. The Strength training varies day to day between super sets, giant sets, drop sets, dynamic sets and circuit training. It will change up each workout. You'll never know what we'll be doing in camp day to day! ​​This set programming schedule is designed to keep your body guessing and the muscles confused. You can join anytime during the cycle. No two workouts are the same. If you're advanced, we can increase the intensity and if you're a beginner, exercises can be modified. If you don't know anything about exercise or weight lifting, we'll teach you! Classes are unlimited so you may attend as many as you like. 

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