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Why should I do this program? ​​✔️ To reset the digestive system ✔️ Strengthen your immune system ✔️ Give your body an influx of nutrients  ✔️ Detox from sugar  ✔️ Break bad eating habits ✔️ Naturally cleanse the organs so they function properly ✔️ Purge the colon of built up toxins ✔️ Lose weight the healthy way ✔️ Feel more energetic ✔️ Sleep better ✔️ Reduce inflammation ✔️ Decrease/Eliminate migraine headaches ✔️ Clear skin/complexion ✔️ To kickstart a healthier way of living ✔️ To tone and strengthen the muscles, bones and heart ​How do I know I need to do a program like this? 😴 Feeling tired or sluggish after a full nights sleep 😷 Having a suppressed immune system 😩 Headaches or migraines often 💩 Not having 2 or more daily or full bowel movements 💦 Water retention, inflammation  😖 Feeling bloated after eating 😲 Digestion issues 😲 Not losing or trouble losing weight even when eating healthy foods 🤧 Repeated colds, sickness 😧 Acne, blemishes, skin issues 🤔 Brain fog, trouble concentrating 😡 Constantly stressed, emotionally run down, tired and/or often angry  🤢 Use of a lot of chemical based products in and around your home and on your body 🍔 If you've been eating the Standard American Diet (SAD)  What do I need for this program? Most things you will need are all natural and can be found in your local grocery store. Things like: ✔️ ​Lemons or Lemon Juice ✔️ Cranberry Juice ✔️ Epsom Salts ✔️ Coconut Oil ✔️ A Blender

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